Monday, June 15, 2009

The Way of The New World

9:18 am...

I'm awake early again today. Nick is still asleep, so I decided to take another walk in the corn and talk about yesterday's events. Nick disappeared for a bit, but he continued to be in meetings with Mother Abigail, Dick Ellis and Ralph Brentner throughout most of the day. I did help Nick with his notes, and I think that he welcomed the help. Gina, Sophie and Tom Cullen went fishing yesterday and caught a lot of fish. I haven't had fish since last Summer when I was with my parents and my boyfriend at the time. My parents liked having days in the Summer when we would eat only seafood. We would have catfish and perch and cioppino (fish stew), as well as lobster and crab and shrimp salad. I would always eat some catfish and macaroni salad, which was pretty much shrimp salad without the shrimp. But, I would be sooo stuffed afterwards.

While Tom, Gina and Sophie were fishing, Gina fell into the creek. I played nurse and Dick had to put her into another cast. But, that wasn't the big medical mystery of the day. Two men and a woman came to Nebraska. One of the men had congestive heart failure. Dick was unable to save him, even though he tried his hardest. I think that he's taking it hard, which doesn't surprise me. The man is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, but he is a vet and just because he can fix Gina's cast doesn't mean that he can perform heart surgery. He did the best that he could. He couldn't help that the man was in bad shape.

When I did talk to Nick last night, he said that he would love Mikey's child as if it were his own if I was pregnant with Mikey's child, which I'm not. He then told me that Mother Abigail and God have appointed him as the leader and Ralph as Nick's deputy. He doesn't want to be the leader, and I don't want him to lead, either. However, I remembered my mother telling me that the best leaders are the ones who don't want to lead, and I pretty much had to tell Nick that he has to lead us and he can't give it all up, even though he wants to and I want him to. Eventually, we stopped talking about politics, went to our temporary home, made love and fell asleep.

Something else happened when we were making love, though. I mean, there was an urgency in Nick that is normally isn't there but when we were going know, I kept hearing a heartbeat that kept getting louder and I don't think that it was ours because ours couldn't be that loud. Then, I could smell corn, which I normally don't smell when I'm sleeping in the barn. I almost screamed if I hadn't remembered that we weren't alone. I had a hard time sleeping at first, but I did eventually drift off and I didn't have any dreams, which was wonderful.

I guess that's all for right now. See you later.

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