Friday, September 4, 2009

The Good Ol' Days

9:15 pm...

I had a pretty crappy day today. I'll be 10 weeks on Monday, and I guess that I'm just overwhelmed because it seems like nothing went right today and on top of all that, I started to miss my parents. I got sad and weepy because they're not here to meet Nick and help me with the wedding, as well as congratulate me and Nick on the baby. I know they'd be happy that I finally found someone to settle down and have a family with someone (definitely not from Bayfield).

But, they're gone. They're dead on the couch in the living room at home. I didn't say goodbye. Their last words to me was "we'll see you tomorrow, Lillian." I never saw them again and I miss them and I want to go home, where I don't have to worry about some devil incarnate threatening to nuke our new community and I don't have to worry about my fiance being a politician. I want to go home.

I've been taking it easy with the physical stuff. I don't chase after Sophie a great deal and I've taken up the art of extreme sitting. In about two weeks, I'll up the physical stuff again. For now, I just want to be careful. I want to get to 12 weeks and I'll be fine. I pray everyday that I get to 12 weeks without any complications. Early in the pregnancy, I was still very active and even after the spotting incident, I still overdid at times. Now, I've done almost a complete 360. I just want this baby to be safe.

Nick is doing a little better. It was just a normal cold. He still has a day or two to go, but he's going to be fine. I don't think we communicate as well as we used to. Maybe we'll get that fixed during the time he's at home. We won't be doing much else, so I think this is the best time to work on our communication. I know that sounds strange to say, a deaf-mute man working on communication with his fiancee, who can hear and talks a lot, but I feel much more comfortable with him than I do with, say, Larry Underwood.

I'm heading to bed now. Good night all.