Sunday, June 21, 2009

Land of the Free (Zone), Home of The Brave

6:35 am...

I'm up super early today, which is odd because there is no reason to be. I guess that I'm super excited that Nick, Sophie and I spent our first night in our new home, in Boulder. Sophie is insanely giddy and one of the questions that she asked when I showed her the house was, "Can we stay here, Mommy?"

She thinks that it's a castle. Maybe I think that it is as well. I mean, I have never lived in a house this big before, and neither has Nick. When I was little, my parents and I lived in a small two bedroom house. My apartment was as big as the bedroom that I now share with Nick. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and living room, and a large backyard. I may have went a little overboard with choosing this house, but I wanted to make sure that there was enough space for a family and a book collection. In the meantime, I am going to brush up on my cooking skills in that kitchen of ours.

I went "shopping" yesterday afternoon for clean clothes and linens such as towels and sheets and curtains. I wanted to strip and clean everything as best as I could in case the previous owners had been sick before they left this house. I did a pretty good job with the washing and disinfecting. It was hard to find water, so I got some bottled water from the store, which has deer in it. Interesting. After cleaning up and everything, Sophie and I washed up and changed into some new clothes. Then, I made her dinner and read to her until her bedtime, which is now 10:00 pm. I also got her some new toys for her new bedroom. She doesn't like talking about her family, but I'm getting the assumption that she wasn't an only child. Everytime I buy her something cool, she looks at me like she isn't sure that it belongs to her.

Nick's job is far from over, but I think that I'm going to take up a profession when things settle down. It would be nice to go back to school, when a school opens up, but a job is important. I don't need one now, but it is something that I would like to have in the future. Right now, being a mother and girlfriend is the most important thing for me to do. In the meantime, I have some studying to do. That's all for now.

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